“Our Congregation dedicates itself to the needs of the local and universal Church and devotes itself the Parrochial ministry and other works of the Apostolate which are assumed according to the Provincial, Vicariate and the norms of the Mission.” (NT S11)

St Gaspar Hospital & Nursing School


St. Gaspar hospital is a Non- Governmental Organization (Voluntary Agency = VA). It is the center of medical services run by Missionaries of the Precious Blood (CPPS). As stated in the Act establishing it, St. Gaspar Hospital is at the centre of a project of human, social and sanitary development. It is integral part of the evangelization undertaken by missionaries of the Precious Blood in their mission in Tanzania for the total liberation of human.

Medical services started in Itigi on 24th September 1987 with a simple ceremony, which was led by Fr. Dino Gioia, the Precious Blood Provincial Delegate of Tanzania by then. We cannot forget the presence of other Precious Blood Missionaries, Doctors, Nurses, Technicians, Auxiliaries and patients. The first patients were just three people: a child with fracture and the other two with Tuberculosis.

Location and Boundaries:

St. Gaspar Hospital is in Singida region, at Manyoni district in small town called Itigi. Itigi found in the semi desert of central Tanzania. It is one of the poorest areas of the country located 5 degree South of the Equator and 35 degree East of Greenwich. It is a small town located along the central railway lines from Dar es Salaam to Mwanza and Kigoma. It is 115 Kms from Singida; 40 Kms from Manyoni and 170 Kms from Capital City of Tanzania – Dodoma.

Mission of St. Gasapar Hospital:

The mission of St. Gaspar Hospital is to serve the people of Tanzania both spiritually and corporal.
This is possible since we provide opportunities for the health services, development and skills through field work in the hospital and community at large. Thus the goal is to be second to none in giving healthy services. To pursue the goal St. Gaspar Hospital provides good health care including preventive, curative, rehabilitative, as well as promote the training aspect. To be efficient the hospital rejects all racial, tribal and religious discrimination. Ta the basis of its operation lays the fundamental evangelical option for the very poor, the disinherited and the emarginated.

Vision of St. Gaspar Hospital:

St. Gaspar Hospital wants to be a center of excellence for providing health services and adaptation. The principal aim is to cooperate with the government in its efforts to promote public health in prevention, as well as the cure of the diseases in Tanzania. Our vision is to continue with the healing power which Jesus Christ did.

The hospital has mainly four wards namely: Medical ward, Surgical ward, Pediatrics ward and Gynecology & Obstetric ward. The hospital has two private blocks, Isolation rooms; Theater block has two operating rooms for major operations and two for minor operations. Maternity for the moment has one delivery bed.

  • SERVICE: St. Gaspar Hospital staff provides the best possible services, technologies and collections to all clients and each other in a timely, accurate and complete manner.
  • CULTURE: We value an environment of excellence, healing, consoling. Educating, collaboration, respect, and the open exchange of ideas. We value our creativity, innovation, strategic thinking, and thoughtful action.
  • TEAMWORK: St. Gaspar Hospital staff values working together, as a team and in teams, recognizing the interdependency across hospital departments.
  • STAFF: We value a diverse, knowledgeable, and flexible workforce. The staff is committed to help a patient.
  • LEADERSHIP: The staff is taking a leadership role in advancing health sciences education.
  • ETHICS; St. Gaspar Hospital values adherence to the highest professional and state ethical standards.



Blessed are you, Virgin Mother! Your Son, Christ Jesus, spotless lamb has prepared for his spouse, the Church, the new bread and wine of the wedding banquet

Umebarikiwa, ee Mama na Bikira; Mwanao Yesu Kristo, Mwanakondoo asiye na doa, alilitayarishia Kanisa, mchumba wake, mkate na divai mpya ya karamu ya arusi

The cup of blessing that we bless is communion with the Blood of Christ. The bread that we break is communion with the body of Christ

(1Cor. 10:16)

Kikombe kile cha baraka tukibarikicho, je, si ushirika wa damu ya Kristo? Mkate ule tuumegao, Je, si ushirika wa mwili wa Kristo?

(1Kor. 10:16)

Message From St. Gaspar

“I would rather die or suffer evil than to take such an oath. I cannot, I must not, I will not!” St. Gaspar spent five years in jail for refusing to take the oath"