“Our Congregation dedicates itself to the needs of the local and universal Church and devotes itself the Parrochial ministry and other works of the Apostolate which are assumed according to the Provincial, Vicariate and the norms of the Mission.” (NT S11)

SGC Morogoro

SGC Morogoro:

St. Gaspar's College is a house of formation for seminarians of the Missionaries of the Precious Blood who are undergoing Philosophical and Theological studies at the Salvatorian institute of Philosophy and Theology, which is now known as Jordan University College (JUCO). St. Gaspar's College was opened in January 1994. Before that Seminarians resided at the Salvatorian Institute for one semester while waiting completion of its construction.

The college began under the leadership of first Rector Fr. Francis Bartoloni cpps. Apart from undertaking their studies at JUCO, students undergo various house programmes as part of their formation. These include prayer time as Liturgy of the hours instructs, manual labour mainly caring environment and sports which are done in the afternoons. Weekly schedule includes Rector's conference which discusses daily life discipline and Spiritual conference as guidance towards spiritual growth. Students have monthly recollection whereby they have opportunity to reflect upon their life direction and commitment they aspire to undertake as future missionaries.

Community life is highly observed as one of the pillars of Precious Blood Missionaries. This begins with breaking together of the bread in the Eucharistic celebration and continues in the meal time. Meal times are very important; it is here that everyone has the opportunity to share daily life experience. Formation program instructs seminarians to have an apostolic approach by meeting people around them and learn the real life situation. Seminarians therefore have time in the weekends to go out to do apostolate. Some go to orphanage centers, some to centers of the street children, aged people center while others go for catechetical classes in the small Christian Communities.

Since its foundation St. Gaspar’s has had several Rectors. Fr. Francis Bartoloni from 1994 – 1996. Fr. Vincent Boselli from 1996 – 2000. Fr. Gregory Mkhotya from 2000 – 2004. Fr. Adolph Majeta from 2004 – 2006. Fr. Walter Milandu 2006-2012; Fr. Florence Kissima 2012-2016; The current Rector Fr. Reginald Lyamuya who was appointed in 2016.

St. Gaspar’s College began with thirteen (13) students; today it has forty-four (44) students in various classes of Philosophy and Theology. Seminarians stay here for a period of seven years which comprises three years of Philosophy and four years of Theology.

Before joining here for Philosophy Seminarians are to undergo one year of Formation at Dodoma. During this time they are introduced to community life. After three years of philosophy they go back to Dodoma for second year of Formation whereby they learn thoroughly Constitution of the Congregation and its history. It is here that they begin special formation and so they are to make firm decision about their life. Seminarians are given a year of pastoral experience in our communities after three years of theology. Here they share together with our missionaries, daily life responsibilities in their ministries. After completion of their pastoral experience they come back to finish theological studies as a preparation for ordination ready for service.



Blessed are you, Virgin Mother! Your Son, Christ Jesus, spotless lamb has prepared for his spouse, the Church, the new bread and wine of the wedding banquet

Umebarikiwa, ee Mama na Bikira; Mwanao Yesu Kristo, Mwanakondoo asiye na doa, alilitayarishia Kanisa, mchumba wake, mkate na divai mpya ya karamu ya arusi

The cup of blessing that we bless is communion with the Blood of Christ. The bread that we break is communion with the body of Christ

(1Cor. 10:16)

Kikombe kile cha baraka tukibarikicho, je, si ushirika wa damu ya Kristo? Mkate ule tuumegao, Je, si ushirika wa mwili wa Kristo?

(1Kor. 10:16)

Message From St. Gaspar

“I would rather die or suffer evil than to take such an oath. I cannot, I must not, I will not!” St. Gaspar spent five years in jail for refusing to take the oath"