Posted Sat Apr 2021

Post By : Fr.Felix Mushobozi

IF THE WORLD WAS ENDING - A Reflection from our CPPS Student of Morogoro


By Ezra Mwanilwa

In the year 2010 6th of October, Kevin Systromand mike Krieger launched an IT app called instragram which became the 4th most used, famous and downloaded mobile app. People advertise their businesses, people pass some information there and even it is used for entertainment. I have come across a picture joke which is currently known as meme with some teasing words during this time when we are on the worries of COVID-19. The words were in Swahili where they said, “baadhi ya historia za marehemu zitakuwa fupi sana, yani marehemu alizaliwa, akazurura, akafa na hakuacha kitu chochote”. These words could be literally translated as, “On the burial ceremony, some of the history of the diseased will be very short; that he was born, he went roaming around and he emptily died”.

            Though it is funny but also provoked me to think what if I die tomorrow? What if corona virus is going to take all of humanity down? What if the world was ending now? Could it be enough? Could it be enough for our deeds? Have we loved enough? Have we helped enough? Have we forgiven enough? Have we answered the cries out there? Have we used our education for our people? Have we given it all to people in need like street children? Are our streets empty enough to let the world end? What if the world was ending, could our mental attitude and perceptions be enough? Regardless of our religions just in account of our nature, have we acted more human? Do we have our knowledge communicated? Do we have our talents shared? Do we have our time given out? What if the world was ending, could being 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 30, 40, 45 years old be enough? Then what is the purpose of life? Have we fulfilled it?

It took me some time to answer some of these questions and I became more frightened of facing the end of the world. I kept asking myself, would I join saints where they are? Would I have left a good legacy? Would I have left something in people’s hearts? Do I even understand what to be human is?  Probably, these questions can hold water to any normal human being. Do we think of our failures? Do we think of uncompleted fraction of our purpose? I don’t want to sound like any self-proclaimed prophet but just to try to view the world as the ending scene in a movie. COVID-19 has made a scar in people’s streets and towns. Roads are empty, theaters are filled with cobwebs, markets are suffocating adequacy of its noisy, and people's schools are not attended by their younger stars. Smiles are not wider and open as they were. What if it’s going to end here? What if the world was made to end like this? Preparations always prevent us from poor performance. Are we prepared for the performance in the end?

Robert green suggested 48 laws of power and the 22nd law says, “Use the surrender tactic: transform weakness into power”. This could be our way; now let’s turn the weaknesses into strength, let’s get ready for the ending, let’s use our talents for other people, lets communicate our knowledge, lets pay attention to other people’s needs which my teacher and mental calls it “silence”. Doing good has to be our second nature as our actions are capable of creating it. Why should we create an animal’s nature with an animal’s disposition of deeds? Why should we be as general as we are? Why don’t we be specific as human beings than being just generally animals? If the world is going to end soon, let’s try to be ready.