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Create Stairs


By Frt. Metodi P. Kibiti

It is an amazing fact!

                Humans can naturally walk, run and jump but they cannot fly. These three things natural to human beings provide us a lesson on how to conduct our daily lives. In life, each one of us is possessing a goal; the highest goal (Ultimate goal)  as well as the goals which basically include the thought of taking a person from one lower position (stage) to the higher and the highest position of this life (temporal end).

                 Unfortunately, most of the people know and actually desire to acquire the higher as well as the highest goal of life, yet, they do not manage because they do not know how to create stairs so that through them they can actually throw a leg by leg and find themselves at the top position which they desire to reach. What are these stairs? They are the daily deeds. What kind of deeds?

These are small acts we do daily but continuously. This is what in another language is called virtues if consists of repeated good acts or vice if consist of repeated evil acts.

Let’s see for example a heavy weight lifter. How does he/she happen to manage lifting such weights? Most probably, he/she must have begun lifting simple weights but daily until the body allows him/her to move into lifting the next heavier weight.  This is actually the process of creating stairs since one cannot manage such activity without continuity in doing.  

Likewise, the above example is applied in many fields and disciplines such as in academics, morality, and religion as well as in sports and games. Let us all know that no one can read a hundred pages of a book per day, if he/she has not started with one.

Concretely, lets throw our eye into the life of St. Gaspar Del Bufalo the founder of the Congregation of the Missionaries of the Precious Blood (C.PP.S), how he managed to create such stairs for himself. He himself,  in his young age did continuously practice of charity, thus developing in him unquenchable zeal for holiness in serving the people of God  through frequent visit to the sick and the poor. Yes, it is just as many do, but frequently, hence it became part of him.

Certainly each one can witness how he struggled hard in making stairs which now have merited him the highest goal (the ultimate goal); sanctity. Brothers and sisters, St. Gaspar has been shown as just one of the examples of how to create stairs on which we can throw one leg after another lifting ourselves up to the highest goal of this life that can merit us the eternal reward.

                In morality and religion for instance, one cannot happen to hate sin and sins if he/ she has not begun not allowing oneself to fall into simple mistakes (a stair case to greater mistakes). Through this the conscience stay alert always and so becomes stronger and stronger enough and thus one manages to say no to any temptation to sin.

Thus friends; If you want to be a morally upright person, build stairs for moral behavior. If you want to be a good priest, do likewise. If you want to be an academician, follow the same. All in all, if you want to see heaven, do the same and more.

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Impelled by the mission of the Church and by the charism of St. Gaspar, the Missionaries of the Precious Blood of the Italian Province began the mission of Tanzania in 1966. In 1972 it became a delegation with its own regulations. Thanks to the increase of the members and of charitable and apostolic works it was elevated to a Vicariate on July 27, 1998. It continued to grow and on August 8, 2015, it was elevated to the status of a Province.

The Province of Tanzania of the Society of the Precious Blood is governed by its own Statutes. These Statutes govern the authority of the assemblies, of the Provincial Director and his Council, and everything else that concerns the Province.