Tanzanian Province Celebrated its 3rd Provincial Electoral Assembly

On Monday July 10 to Thursday July 13 eighty (80) members of the Province gathered in Kisasa Dodoma at St. Gaspar Hotel & Conference Center for the third Provincial electoral Assembly. There was only one Agenda, namely Election of the Provincial Director and four of his Council.

The gathering began on Monday evening of the 10th of July, most of those who gathered on that day were coming from Morogoro where eleven of our newly incorporated members were ordained Deacons. The official opening of the Assembly took place after the Inauguration Eucharistic celebration presided over by the CPPS Moderator General – Fr. Emanuele Lupi, during which the members invoked the Holy Spirit for guidance and inspiration. The second day was dedicated to Spiritual and community discernment. The afternoon of Tuesday was spent well giving the participants the opportunity to express their desire of what priorities they would like the leadership to focus on.

Wednesday and Thursday were spent for the election of the new Provincial leadership team. Fr. Vedasto Ngowi was re-elected as Provincial Director and two of the councilors while two new members of the councilor were introduced. Thus the new leadership team, for the next four years is as follows: Provincial Director – Fr. Vedasto Ngowi; First Councilor and Vice Provincial – Fr. Achilleus Mutalemwa; Second Councilor and Provincial Secretary – Fr. Felix Mushobozi; Third Councilor without Portfolio – Fr. Richard Kungi; Fourth Councilor and Provincial Treasurer – Fr. Dominic Mwaluko.

The official closing of the Assembly took place on Thursday and the closing Eucharistic celebration was presided over by Fr. Vedasto Ngowi. Talking during his homily, among other things, he quoted Mother Theresa of Calcuta who used to say “We are called in ministry not to success but to faithfulness”. Thus he said,  let us hear the voice of the Lord brought to us in today’s gospel reading and spend our efforts not to look for success but let us always remain faithful to our vocation and Mission.

Fr. Felix Mushobozi, C.PP.S 

Provincial Secretary